Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mrs. Coach L

 We’ve got true winter weather outside in good old southeast Texas.  Tonight I will layer on all my cool weather gear and watch my husband and his fellow coaches change the lives of young men on a football field.  As I make my way to my designated seat in the coaches’ families seating, area, I will hear lots of  “Hey Mrs. Coach L.!”  To which I will respectfully respond with a greeting of my own. Teaching is my life’s career, and I am sure that over the years I made more than one student unhappy.  I can only imagine what creative term of endearment might have been applied to my John Hancock.  “Mrs. Coach L” might not sit well with many women. My name is Kim.   “L” has nothing to do with me. You see my husband joined the Evadale Coaching Staff last fall to where he became the second coach whose last name is Williams.  To make everything a lot less confusing, the students use the first letter of my husband’s first name, Laurence, apply it coach and you get ” Coach L”. This is a simple and effective way to keep everyone straight.  Recently I was even called Mrs. Laurence. To this I just smile and accept my loss of identity because I know that being Mrs. Coach L is an honor given to me because of the love and respect a community of children has for my husband.  Yes, my son and I have given up countless hours that when strung together become days, weeks and months of absenteeism from our family life.  Would I trade those hours for being just Kim Williams? No, I would not.  I see all of the good he does for his students and players. I am proud to be Mrs. Coach L. 

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