Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Helotes Christmas Market

What a lovely assortment of sterling silver decorated ear wires! Vintage findings mixed with natural stones all packed and ready for purchase for your Christmas gifting.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Breaking News! I made the VIP Magazine, January 2013

A Ritual Adornment Talisman becomes a statement when worn on the lapel. Uncommon elements like a slice of geode mounted in an ornate sterling silver setting become the focal for this tribal ceremonial talisman lapel pin.  Dangle a shark’s tooth from the setting to give movement and add texture with a spray of silver threads.

Created for Historically Haute designer Kim Williams

Look for my "Man Brooch" in the January addition of VIP The Wedding Addition, Beaumont, Texas! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Les Mis

Are you counting down the days until we will see the film version my favorite musical Les Miserables? I certainly am. I have had a long affection for the remarkable musical production of Victor Hugo's book. The twenty-fifth anniversary has come and gone for the October 9, 1985 date when
Les Miserables was first performed in England's West End. I bought the double cassette tape probably around the time Le Mis crossed the pond to Broadway. I remember watching the Tony Awards that same year and seeing the famous choreographed march with flag flying and child character on the shoulders of a fellow patriot. There are stage pictures that stay with you forever and that one will always be iconic for many Les Mis fans. Not just the visual representation of France, 1790 is unforgettable but the music is equally embedded in my heart. It was a tradition for my first grader son and I to play the music on our way to school each morning. Kyle loved Master of the House. Kyle enjoyed the lyrics because he was allowed to sing a few choice words that if he had spoken would have gotten him in serious trouble. Even at age six he was already feeling peer pressure and would make sure that he turned off the car cd player just seconds before opening the car door in front of his elementary school where he would hop out of our car with the score ringing in his ears. Was he just protecting his image at the ripe old age of 6, in that his fellow first graders might not approve of his taste in music? Fast forward to middle school when Kyle achieved a reasonable amount of maturity and he and I took a Mother/Son trip to New York City. We made our show selections and seeing
Les Miserables was on the top of our list. I will never forget that experience. It was just the highlight of the trip to share that experience with my son. I remember we were packed into very uncomfortable seats with little or no legroom.  Kyle had already grown to 6 feet tall. His knees were literally under his chin as we watched and listened. We were totally captivated by the production. Several years later the show played in Houston and once again my son escorted me to the show. This time we experienced the performance with President and Barbara Bush sitting just a few rows in front of our seats. This was an added thrill. This Christmas season we will once again have the pleasure of seeing Les Mis on the big screen. Others of our family may not enjoy the show like Kyle and I will but then again it was always "our favorite". All of this history inspired me to create beautiful jewelry naming the pieces for the characters from Les Miserables. I hope you enjoy looking at them and reading about the characters that inspired my designs. All of these beautiful pieces can be found in my Etsy Store, historicallyhaute@etsy.com.

                                     The Les Miserables Collection

The Bishop Digne Necklace
This is my one year anniversary with Etsy and to celebrate I have dedicated my Christmas jewelry pieces to the classic novel, musical and soon to be released movie, Les Miserables. Victor Hugo's book adapted for the stage and now the screen will open December 25. The setting is France 1780 at the beginning of the French Revolution. This necklace I named for the first character introduced in the story, The Bishop Digne. I gathered each and every element used in this necklace from exquisite antique and vintage jewelry findings. I used sterling silver wire, a religious relic crucifix locket, a vintage rhinestone button, a salvaged broken diamonte bracelet, French rosary chain beads, rosary connectors, vintage red glass beads, and natural cultured pearls. The necklace measures 22" and can be adjusted as per buyers request. This one of a kind necklace will come gift wrapped at no charge. 

                                                     Cossette's Necklace
Cossette, the adopted daughter of Jean Valjean is the inspiration of this feminine and delicate necklace. The next of my Les Miserables inspired jewelry features a vintage Goofus Glass Brooch with a rose motif. It's so sweet and is in very good condition. Goofus Glass Brooches date from 1890 to 1930. I used broken champagne colored rosary bead and chain to suspend the focal. Chunky pink quartz beads and a sterling silver hand forged S hook complete this lovely necklace. The necklace is 20 inches in length but I will gladly adjust the length as per costumer request. My jewelry will come gift wrapped at no extra charge.

                                                      Madame Thenardies Earrings
I chose these beautiful old clip earrings for their gorgeous French painted portrait art because they represent one of my favorite fashion periods. My all time favorite musical, Les Miserables is in the news as we patiently await its release this Christmas. These earrings pay homage to the opulence of the French Aristocratic Society that completely ignored the starving citizens of France at the onset of the French Revolution. I used iridescent crystal beads and tiny chain to further enhance the ornate design of these French beauties.  I love the contrast of the ornate with the use of my hand forged sterling ear wires. They dangle two and half inches in length.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Christmas Season Boot Camp

The fall weather brings in the excitement of The Halloween to New Year Season of gifting. You can be asured that my Etsy shop and retail shop at Ashton House, Beaumont, TX, will be stocked with "one of a kind" antique lovelies. I've been acquiring some beautiful jewelry elements from all regions of the US and some European findings. All of my designs will reflect the style of an important fashion period from the past. Now would be the time to contract me to use some of your own family heirlooms for redesign gifting this holiday season. Happy fall and stay tuned for beautiful things to come.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Its back to school time and I am thinking about all of my teacher friends getting everything ready for a new year. I knew that feeling as well for 30 years and I still miss it a little! To celebrate this special time of year I am giving away these earrings. Simply leave me a message and I will enter your name in a drawing. The deadline to enter is this Friday, August 24th. These lovely earrings feature French religious medals and pearl beads that dangle from my sterling silver hand forged ear wires. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Jewelry Class, Here I Come!

Gearing up for taking my very first formal jewelry making class is underway.  April 1 through June 3, I will be taking an online jewelry class given by Deryn Mentock. The concept is very exciting. I will be receiving instruction videos online, joining in on discussion groups and viewing my classmates work all from my laptop computer. I think to myself, "Why didn't I think of that?" I will be posting pictures of my work here on my blog site. I hope you will stop by and check on my progress from time to time. Until then thanks for stopping by.