Friday, September 30, 2011

The Abridged Green Bling Timeline

                                 The Abridged Green Bling Timeline

Before it slips my memory,
I wanted to document
how this simple request,
"Can you make me some football bling
to wear to the first University of Texas,
San Antonio Roadrunners game?",
morphed into Historically Haute, my Etsy Shop and my desire to participate in blogging.

Here is how is all happened.

DAY 1   Shopped San Antonio Area for
   UTSA Football “bling” for Casey to wear to
      the very first football game. Casey is one of 
    my four sisters and is known for her stylish 
            dress. She loves big jewelry. No luck.
DAY 2  Casey: (When reading this, stretch
the words out very long and give special
emphasis to elongate the vowel sounds.)
“Could you make me a necklace to wear
            to UTSA Football Game?”
            Me: “Sure that will be fun.”
DAY 3   Email from Casey: “I'm going to
            need you to make me several necklaces
    and I will need matching earrings, as well.”
            Me: “Oh that will be fun.”
DAY 4  Trip to Hobby Lobby, coupon in
       hand, to get the supplies to make the jewelry
           that Casey commissioned.
DAY 5  Two hours later it hits me;
            “I don't know what I’m doing.
            Barnes and Noble! Lucky for me
            its right across the street. Books and
            magazines to study!” Several hours later,
    the books are purchased. I think to myself,
            “I've got this under control.”
            Next I make a trip to
            Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and Joann’s to
            search for the best supplies.
DAY 6   When reading Tales of Adornment,
       By Kristen Robinson, I see that Kristen shares
            information about her Etsy Store.
           Etsy becames my new obsession. Hours fly by as
      I study shops. I make several trips to the big 
       three craft stores for supplies. The managers
            are looking at me with suspicious faces.
            I think to myself, “I hope they don’t
            realize, I used more than one
            coupon, per day, per person."
DAY 7   In a big moment of brilliance, I wonder
   if Youtube has any demonstrations on how
            use to Ice Resin? Is there a mental illness
            called Youtube addiction? If so,
          sign me up for the twelve step program.          
DAY 8   The first attempt to make the bezels is a
            success. I assemble Casey’s order and
            prepare it for shipping.
DAY 9   Call from Casey:
            (read slowly, stretch the vowels)
            “Oh! Halloween Bling would be so cool.
             Can you make some necklaces and
             earrings for me?”
             Me: “Oh, that will be fun.”
DAY 10  I head back to the big three craft stores for                  
             Halloween bling making supplies. I am happy      
 with the bezels which I add to chains. I
  complete designs with beads and charms.
             Now I have a surpulus of jewelry. The
             lightening bolt hits me. I need an Etsy Store!
DAY 11  I set up my Etsy Store, take pictures of my
           jewelry and load the pictures to Etsy. I spend a lovely day exploring all types of jewelry shops.  
             I learn that there is a market for repurposed                          jewelry. I begin to put together a brand with my own special twist for repurposing vintage and antique jewelry.I proudly announce on facebook, "I've got an Etsy Shop,
 DAY 12 With an enthusiastic attitude about my brand,
 I hit the antique stores on a hunt for vintage
jewelry. I visit Urban Chic, Urban Retreat and
            The 11th Street Market, and my own collection
              of vintage jewelry. It was inspiring and
              great fun. I enjoyed meeting shop owners and     
introducing my brand.
DAY 13 While checking out my favorite shops on Etsy,
            I stumble upon one of the artists who mentions
In her shop banner her blog site.
             I check the blog out and discover a whole new        
             opportunity to share my work, promote my     Etsy Shop, and journal all that I have learned.
DAY 14 is born.

In just fourteen days, I learned how to take forgotten,
broken and unappreciated jewelry findings and transform them into personalized heirloom jewelry. I opened a Etsy Shop and created a blog. 

            Not bad for a "repurposed" gal like me!

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